Christmas shopping.

So what your weekend's like? There are lines around here to go to the supermarket. I had already advanced and made the essential purchases.

4 Year Birthday

Today is a very special day, the day my youngest daughter turns four years old. What grows as much as the years is the love we feel for her.

I don't like sharing pictures of her on the net, but here's the cake ;)

Trying to convince my eldest daughter, that making a PC by buying and assembling the pieces, first is cheaper, second of a special taste and finally it is a good project for a father and a daughter.

Facebook exit!

Finally I made my request, I left facebook for good, even made a post to give alternatives to my friends where they find me, only two of the 300 commented. But as soon as I left and a friend of mine tried to find me and called to ask why I couldn't find myself on my face until I explained what I had done. The algorithm kick in on my justification for why I left a network I don't trust.


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