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@pietrasoph Você fala inglês ? Eu posso lhe enviar os ficheiros para traduzir e corrigir, e depois pedir aos responsáveis para os modificar.

@pietrasoph Olá, estive a falar do mastodon com os programadores, e tenho a impressão que a tradução brasileira tem erros em


Vocês não falam de senhas em vez de passwords ?

@staticsafe @ccolocho @Elizafox On the other hand, there is no difference between the pt and pt-BR version of mastodon :P

@Elizafox @ccolocho They would probably also laugh at me. Brazilian portuguese is quite different from the european one.

In fact it was a shock to notice software is both translated in brasilian portuguese and european portuguese...

@Elizafox @noelle An american girl living in France once told me she discovered that in french, a female shirt is "un chemisier" (masculine) and a male shirt is "une chemise" (feminine).

She couldn't believe it 😃

I replied that some things are always weird. They should be understood as obvious and learnt by heart, not annoying.

@Elizafox @noelle xícara = cup
copo = glass ?

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@Tan Bonjour 🥐☕☺️

Et j'ai acheté mon petit déjeuner à temps.


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@cnc That's nice 😊

Here the night was still a bit hot when I bought food for my midday break at the gas station.


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Hoje, um fado.

Uma casa portuguesa - Amália Rodrigues