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Amazon’s Retreat on New York City Headquarters Followed Unexpected Backlash

Amazing! Congratz!! Lots of love and solidarity with our buddies from NYC!!

Kreuzberg, Queens, resistance against these data monsters, life exploiters, goes on!!! where next?

Solidarity with SF, San Jose, Rennes, Montpellier, Toronto, etc.!

#FuckOffAmazon! #FuckOffGoogle #FuckOffGoogleAndCo!

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#HelloWorld! As active members of the open-source community, ProtonMail supports open source projects like Mastodon. Mastodon’s decentralized nature reminds us of the days when the Internet was free and not under the control of a few monopolist giants. Our followers can look forward to toots about service updates, new projects, and news on privacy.

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The Antisocial Network, by Liz Pelly

"Facebook claims to bring people closer together. In fact, it’s helping derail and destroy some of the few remaining places that actually do."

#socialmedia #DeleteFacebook

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#Capitalism is a reasonable economic system that destroys 100 million trees a year to mass-produce something that literally no one asked for and literally everyone hates

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#Google has dropped plans to open a large campus in a trendy district of #Berlin that were strongly opposed by local campaigners.

n September activists occupied the building it was to be located in for several hours.

They also put up stickers in the area with slogans such as "Goodbye Google" and "Google is not a good neighbour".

Some were against what they said were Google's "evil" practices, such as tax evasion and the unethical use of personal data.


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Coming back home from #35C3 I wanted to introduce an awesome Creative Commons artist to you: Lisa "Mullana" Schmidt to you!

You can read more about her at and . She tweets under .

The picture below is CC-BY-SA-NC 4.0 :)

#art #illustration #netNeutrality

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"Being a dissident is hard enough... anonymized communication is a godsend."

You can help us keep Tor strong for activists in 2019 by making a donation.

Tomorrow is the last day for your donation to count twice: #TorStories #privacy #internetfreedom #activism

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NSA $$$ funds Pokemon Go? Mostrar mais

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"Google isn’t the company that we should have handed the Web over to"

"Google has on a number of occasions used its might to deploy proprietary tech"

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Hello, fediverse.
I enjoy learning languages and musical instruments when I'm not stressed over work.
I like everything related to tech, gadgets and developing stuff around platforms like , , , etc.

I study electrical engineering, I had music theory lessons but am mostly self taught on some instruments like accordion, mandolin and others alike.

Oh! I also like games. And my two cats: Kimba and Liya

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Philip K Dick managed to watch a part of #BladeRunner before it aired. This is what he wrote:

"Nothing that we have done, individually or collectively, matches BLADE RUNNER. This is not escapism; it is super realism, so gritty and detailed and authentic and goddam convincing that, well, after the segment I found my normal present-day "reality" pallid by comparison."


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Tor needs your help.

So does an entire ecosystem of privacy and anonymity projects that rely on Tor:

Please donate today to keep Tor and an entire ecosystem strong:

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You still got a bit more than an hour to get Full Throttle for free and without DRM on!

yellow jackets, solidarity Mostrar mais

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@ everyone: stop posting un-CW'd porn to public timelines. stop making the federated timelines walls of unhidden porn. use the CW field to describe the actual content (eg "porn" not "nsfw") to maximize informed consent.

Studio Ponoc's Mary and The Witch's Flower proves that traditional animation is the way to go.

I wish all the best for the future of Studio Ponoc

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retoot to pet the cat
     />  フ
     |  _  _ l
     /` ミ_xノ
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
    │  | | |
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)

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